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  Prepare/ Enrich  
  • Prepare & Enrich Programs
    • PREPARE: For premarital couples
    • PREPARE-MC: For premarital couples with children
    • ENRICH: For marriage enrichment or marriage counseling
    • MATE: For older couples getting married, seeking marriage enrichment or going through a large transition in their life.
    • CO-HABITATE: For couples living together

  • The Goals of Prepare & Enrich
    • To explore Relationship Strengths and Growth Areas
    • To learn Assertiveness and Active Listening Skills
    • To learn how to resolve conflict using the Ten Step Model
    • To help the couple discuss their Family-of-Origin
    • To help the couple with financial planning and budget
    • To focus on personal, couple and family goals

  • Focuses on Significant Issues for Couples:
    • Communication
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Personality Issues
    • Financial Management
    • Children and Parenting
    • Family and Friends
    • Role Relationship
    • Spiritual Beliefs

  • Personality Assessment:
    • Assertiveness
    • Self Confidence
    • Avoidance
    • Partner Dominance

  • Couple and Family Map:
    • Family Map used to describe Family-of-Origin
    • Couple Map used to describe Type of Marriage/Couple Relationship

  • Six Couple Exercises:
    1. Building Strength and Growth areas
    2. Couple Communication Exercise
    3. Ten Steps for Resolving Couple Conflict
    4. Family-of-Origin Issues
    5. Financial Planning and Budget
    6. Personal, couple and family goals

  • Scientifically Developed and Tested:
    • National Norms based on:
      350,000 couples for PREPARE
      150,000 couples for PREPARE-MC
      150,000 couples for ENRICH

    • High Levels of Validity and Reliability:
      Prepare & Enrich has validity in that it discriminates premarital couples that get divorced from those that are happily married with about 80-85% accuracy. Reliability is high (alpha reliability of .80 - .85).


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