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  • What is Couple Communication?
    Couple Communication is an educational program in which both partners participate together. You will learn 11 interpersonal skills for effective talking, listening, and collaborative conflict resolution. These relationship skills can help you build a more satisfying relationship. To date, nearly 1,000,000 couples worldwide have participated in the program.

  • Learning Formats
    You and your partner may choose one of two learning formats:
    • In a group with an instructor and 6 to 12 other couples (four 2-hour sessions)
    • By yourselves as a couple with an instructor (six 50-minute sessions)
  • Learning Methods
    In the Couple Communication Program, you will:
    • Hear brief explanations of the concepts, skills, and processes.
    • See demonstrations of the communication skills and processes (live or on video).
    • Reflect on and then discuss your own experiences in exercises.
    • Practice skills and processes with real issues of your own choice (appropriate for the setting) using skills mats, tools to speed learning and extend skill use after the class.
    • Receive coaching and feedback on your use of skills.
    • Apply your learning in real situations between class sessions.
    • The program activities are designed so you can choose together privately, as a couple, the issues you discuss and practice.


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